An exclusive Youth Physical Preparation Program, which teaches fundamental movement patterns to kids of all ages and abilities in a positive, fun and rewarding environment.

Certified by the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA):Speed & Agility Specialist and Youth Fitness Specialist.

Youth Fitness

Teaching children to enjoy being active while at the same time teaching them how to move correctly and safely. Setting kids up for a lifetime of health and wellness.

Speed & Agility Training

The focus here is on building a solid foundation of motor skill and physical development with an emphasis on speed and agility.

Certified by IYCA

The International Youth Conditioning Association is the premier international authority in Youth Fitness & Youth Sports Performance Training.


If your kids are involved in sports and want to improve  their performance in terms of physical preparation I can help them do so. If you want your kids to develop the tools in the gym that will help them lead a better quality of life from a physical standpoint then I am here for you with every fiber in my body.


We are located located in Pasadena, California

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