Chantal Donnely

My son is 11 years old and has taken approximately 20 Primal Play classes so far. Martin is amazing with the kids. My son is always excited to go to class and I have seen his balance, strength and agility improve tremendously over the last couple of months. Martin makes the workout classes fun yet challenging for the kids. He pushes them, but never to the point that I am concerned that my child will get injured. As a physical therapist, I know a fair amount about exercise and I have full confidence in Martin's ability to create a safe, fun and effective workout for my son's age group.

Jonathan V.

Martin was highly recommended to me by one of my fellow xc teammates at school. I'd do the same for anyone else in a heartbeat. I started with his one on one training program around Christmas of last year with the intention of getting stronger for the upcoming track season. I'm not even a month into the season now and have PRd in the 800, 1600, and 3200. Martin is the best one could hope for in a trainer and a friend! Thanks for helping me get to where I want to go!

Anna Bondoc

Several trusted, knowledgeable friends recommended Martin to us for our 12-year-old daughter, who was looking for a way to stay fit in between sports seasons. I truly believe the body awareness, movement and stretching exercises he has given her over the last couple of months are critical to how she will feel about her body and how she approaches all her physical activity as she grows into an adult. I can see already how she moves with more confidence and finesse. Martin creates an atmosphere of fun yet rigorous play, with age-appropriate friendly competitions and challenges, always focusing on proper form. As a classroom teacher, I have great confidence in his ability to maintain a respectful yet exuberant environment that takes into account various personality styles and abilities. Our daughter likes it so much she's now attending twice a week. I recommend Primal Play highly.

Ellie L

My trainer Martin is amazing. He's nice to all the kids, has a lot of energy, and makes training fun. When I started training at Primal Play I was slow and weak. Now I am strong and fast. I've even learned to climb a rope! We work with jump ropes, speed ladders, kettle bells, the reaction ball, and many other things. I've run three Spartan Kids races since I began training with Martin, and each one has been easier because of my improved strength and fitness. I can't wait to run an adult Spartan race when I turn 13. By then it will be a piece of cake with Martin's help

Frances L

My trainer, Martin started training me a year ago. When I started I was somewhat athletic, but not as athletic as I wanted to be. I could not box, run a speed ladder quickly or climb a rope. Now after my training with Martin I can do all of these things. I can even do things I thought would be impossible for me, like holding a plank for more than 9 minutes! Martin is friendly and funny and is patient with all the kids he trains, and he never gives up if we are having trouble learning something new. Martin has made me stronger, faster and healthier. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get fit or to get better in sports.